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La Déesse Noire: Diversity in Action

The Regency era was complex and diverse.  Regency novels tend to be fairly homogenized. I seek out more exotic settings for my Regency characters. My colleague, Mariana Gabrielle creates characters that actually demonstrate diversity in that world, as her latest release shows. Diversity is a passion with her. The book is available for pre-order now […]

StellaMarie Talks Back

StellaMarie is back! and she has answers to your questions! ~~~ Hi,Thanks so much for having me. OMG. I can’t believe a whole month has gone by. Caroline been so sweet to invite me back. Since then, “How to Train Your Knight” has spent two weeks on the Amazon Best Seller list and is still […]


Today lovers of historical fiction are being asked to say #whyireadhistoricals or #whyiwritehistoricals . I say, why not! Let me give just a few reasons: I entered the world of Jane Eyre when I was thirteen and never came out. The Game of Kings lit up my 16th year and gave me a tortured hero […]

DeAnn Smallwood Lets a Character Speak For Her

This morning the hero of DeAnn Smallwood’s Montana Man Speaks for himself. ~~~ Hi, I’m Ben and I couldn’t resist talking to you about Montana Man. When DeAnn asked me if I would, I hesitated, but then agreed. You see, Montana Man is about me. When Wisteria pulled me out of the Colorado River more […]

New Title Showcase

She has sworn her loyalty to her clan. He has pledged to prove his innocence: today I have the privilege of showcasing Madelyn Hill’s For The Love Of A Gypsy.  I read her last book and if this one is as good you are in for a treat. Excerpt A rider urged his horse forward. […]