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Second Edits

This morning I thought to do a final pass through the current Dangerous Weakness manuscript to look for extra spaces at the end or beginning of paragraphs. That may not sound like much because you can’t see them in word processing, but the make life difficult for folks who format the document for Kindle, print, […]

Fruits of My Travels

The clicking you hear is from my hands flying across the keyboard.  Much to do, Much to do!  Blame it on travel. First of all I am back at the novella set in Venice I promised myself (while on the airplane home) I would finish this summer. I did a full run through and so […]

Journey and Return, or Honey, I’m Baaack

I have braved the winding (rail)road and crossed Time, or at least Times Square, though the hordes of dwarfs, ogres and strange gawking fairies. I have banqueted, formed alliances, met my fellows, and sat at the feet of giants (well, at least of Susan Elizabeth Philips) and arrives safely home. What have I learned? 1. […]

The Quest

Tomorrow, loyal readers, I am off to hobnob with my fellow wizards. I shall set off on the winding road to the bright mountain where the wizards gather to share secrets.  That is to say, I’m packing to go to the Romance Writers of America Annual Conference in New York City.  Sigh. What occurs at […]

Spotlight on Julie Doherty

We have a visitor on the blog today. An author that writes romance that’s plaid to the bone. If you love all things Scotland, you’re going to enjoy Julie. About Julie Doherty Julie is a member of Romance Writers of America and Central PA Romance Writers. When not writing, she enjoys antiquing, shooting longbow, traveling, […]