Emerging from Hibernation

Bear_hibernating But First Coffee Bears do it. Bees do it. Even little brown bats do it. Why shouldn’t people?

Alas it just feels like I’m emerging from hibernation. It was a difficult winter marred by Beloved’s hospitalization and some forced lifestyle changes. (We are doing ***much*** better. Thanks to all who have expressed concern.)

Will-he-find-himself-300x208 But First Coffee


In the meantime, Duke in All But Name , Book One of The Entitled Gentlemen, came out on time while we were in the middle of the worst of it in December, though I was scarcely able to celebrated it. Duke in Name Only, Book Two, languished as its due date passed. The kind poeple at Dragonblade Publishing could not have been more supportive of me at that time. I am pleased to announce that that one is now complete and I’ve gotten word the editor at Dragonblade is working on it as I type this. Alas I don’t have a firm pre-sale date as yet but I’ll announce it as soon as I know.

Meanwhile I just completed a novella for the next Bluestocking Belles’ annual collection. Our central event this year is a Harvest Festival and I think you’ll love it. I was delighted to get that novella done for our beta read on time. That’s when I knew I am back and firing on all cylinders. I’m looking forward to reading three of the other stories. We always do two beta reads because our characters wander in and out of each other’s stories and we need to keep all the threads straight. A cover and announcement may be available soon.

fffa3330130545f3eec1b8970aaf7727-morning-coffee-funny-funny-turtle-2-300x225 But First Coffee This week my biggest goal is work on The Unlikely Duke, Book Three in The Entitled Gentlemen. My first task is envisioning each major character’s back story, issues, goals and motivation. The hero, Jeffrey Graham, appeared in The Upright Son as the heroine’s brother. He’s an English/Jamaican ship owner who’s instinct is to look down his nose at the aristocracy but finds he can’t escape being embroiled with them.

I’m also determined to get back to regular blog posting and other signs that I am indeed alive and writing–not hibernating. But first, coffee. It was a long winter.


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