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Eli had legal business with the bishop. I stopped to enjoy the medieval cathedral. Its construction dates to the eleventh century, the sort of date that makes my American jaw drop. It was built by the Benedictines and survived the dissolution of the monastery by being promoted to cathedral in 1541. Goodness. It also survived the Cromwell’s Roundheads and even the Jacobite incursion into Northwest England, which I also stumbled over today, but which is another story.

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The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Chester

Of course, it has been altered, built on, extended, and generally changed repeatedly. When I hear things like that, I’m sometimes reminded of the man who inherited Charlemagne’s hammer—of course it had three new heads and four new handles since Charlemagne’s time. SIGH.

My guidebook tells me there are medieval walls and a number of medieval buildings. Roman remains as well, though largely in basements! Their famous collection of black and white timbered buildings are, alas, a Victorian fantasy. Still, there seems to be much to see. I shall ramble off. Perhaps I can set a story here.

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