Release Week!

1280px-Bohaterski_miś_page0033-1024x562 But First Coffee
What a week ahead!
  • The Defiant Daughter remains 99 cents the first part of the week until it is released into the wild on Thursday. Early reviews have been really, really GOOD.
  • I have scheduled four Facebook Group takeovers and two video interviews this week.
  • I’ve had no time to plan a celebration, so I will probably just have a second glass of wine on the patio with beloved.
  • I will also type THE END on the bottom of the first draft of The Forgotten Daughter this week if it takes until midnight Saturday.

If I’m not around or you find me looking dazed and distracted, you know why. Enjoy the book when goes live! For now, sorry if I just get back to work. But first—coffee!

cup-of-coffee-e1544453390981 But First Coffee

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