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coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

In ten days The Defiant Daughter will go live. I had a note this morning from an advance reviewer who not only raved about the book, but told me I absolutely must write three more of them, for each of three gentlemen introduced in that book. I had already decided on two of them, now I need to consider the third. You’ll know them when you read the book—which, by the way, will remain 99 cents until October 21 when it will revert to full price.

In the meantime I am on pace to finish the rough draft of The Forgotten Daughter, Eli Benson’s story, by October 25. After that it will go to beta readers and have a thorough rewrite. I may not make my November 1 deadline, alas, but it is close.

I’m also chipping away on the short story to be given away in my December newsletter. You may recall I had a contest for the launch of The Wayward Son and the prize was a made to order story. The winner asked for a story set in Ashmead. I think you’ll like it! I’m writing faster than ever before. But first, coffee.

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