June Burns Out

coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

June is going out, if not in a blaze of glory, at least a blaze. There was a sale at the garden center and we stocked up humming-bird friendly perennials at the worst possible time. Heat indexes here in the urban wilds are approaching 100 degrees. We have to get out and water and do whatever else needed in the early morning. Before coffee, even.

This week: Rewrites, plant the perennials, and announce a contest. Next week The Price of Glory, the first of two July releases goes live. It isn’t too late to preorder! To celebrate I will run a contest for members of Caroline Warfield’s Fellow Travelers. The prize? The right to specify a made-to-order story. Watch for it, but first, coffee.

coffee_outside_facebook_RF But First Coffee

One thought on “June Burns Out

  1. So excited for your two new releases, Caroline. I have them both on preorder! Today in New Zealand is the coldest so far this winter, though the forecast for tomorrow is worse. It’s fun to read about midsummer as we sink into deep winter. It reminds me of spring blossom and summer heat to come.

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