Made to Order Stories

The prize is a made-to-order story of 5000 to 7000 words (often more), written for and dedicated to the winner.

Made-to-order stories work like this.

  1. The winner gives me two characters (one of which should be the hero or heroine and the other a minor character) and an object.
  2. The winner gives me a trope, a common story line or theme selected from this list:
You may use the free space, but I don’t accept violence or erotical

Here’s what happens next:

I write the story any way I like, one that includes the winner’s three choices and my interpretation of the trope.

I send the winner an electronic copy before it appears as a gift to my newsletter subscribers

I retain copyright and I may use the story later either as it is or amended. It usually becomes a newsletter giveaway. If I later create a print version, the winner will get a signed copy.

Delivery speed will depend on how long it takes me to write the story and deliver it to the winner, but I’ll keep the winner informed.