Made to Order Stories

The prize is a made-to-order story of 5000 to 7000 words (or more), written for and dedicated to the winner, and printed at CreateSpace.

Made-to-order stories work like this.

  1. The winner gives me two characters (one of which may be the hero or heroine and the other a minor character) and an object.
  2. The winner gives me a trope, a common story line or theme—reluctant groom is a trope; wounded hero is a trope; hidden child is a trope—but chose any trope that appeals to you.I will not accept tropes that involve violence or erotica.
  3. I write the story any way I like, but it needs to include the three choices and be an interpretation of the trope.
  4. I retain copyright (and may use the story later either as it is or amended), but the winner gets a printed copy shipped from CreateSpace.
  5. I won’t use the story anywhere else until they have had it for at least two calendar months.
  6. Delivery speed will depend on how long it takes me to write the story and how long the mail takes from CreateSpace to wherever the winner lives, but I’ll keep the winner informed.

Need trope ideas? Try these:

Or think of your favorite story line and make up your own.