The Price of Glory

A splash of Indiana Jones and a dash of Amelia Peabody in an adventure all its own: The Price of Glory.

The Price of Glory spins out the story of one man’s pursuit of knowledge that could bring him fame and respect, only to find it upended by a woman determined to serve the people of Egypt. Neither has any idea where this journey will take them when they embark down the Nile toward Nubia and its mysteries, ancient and modern.

ThePriceOfGlory505-1-201x300 Richard Mallet comes to Egypt with dreams of academic glory. He will be the one to unravel the secrets of the ancient Kushite language. Armed with license to dig, he sets out for Meroë, where the Blue Nile meets the White. He has no room in his life for dalliance or entanglements, and he certainly doesn’t expect to face insurrection and unrest.

Analiese Cloutier seeks no glory—only the eradication of disease among the Egyptian women and children of Khartoum. She has no interest whatsoever in romantic nonsense and will not allow notions about a lady’s proper role to interfere with her work. She doesn’t expect to have that work manipulated for political purposes.

Neither expects to be enchanted by the amorous power of moonlight in the ruins of Karnak, or to be forced to marry before they can escape revolution. Will their flight north take them safely to Cairo? If it does, can they build something real out of their shattered dreams?


Richard Mallet—known to his family as Aeneas—had never seen a creature like the one he encountered in a narrow lane in the souks of Cairo, a tiny woman in Turkish dress challenging a man three times her size.    And so it begins…



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