Monday: Extra Coffee

Busy Monday! After two mugs and Mass I was off and writing. The story is now well past 12000 words and Rob, aka Major Lord Robert Benson is now firmly mired in his home town and his father’s coaching inn by family threads and regional secrets. He has unraveled a few but more keep appearing. He still plans to leave, but he hates secrets.

This morning my poll to name the coaching inn in the story closed and I chose a winner at random from among those who participated. She now has the right to name Rob’s horse! GULP.

The inn is to be called The Willow and the Rose, but I suspect that in dialog characters will shorten that to The Willow, as in “he’s at the Willow talking with Emma.”

1024px-John_Charles_Maggs_-_A_coach_by_an_inn But First Coffee
As I imagine The Willow and The Rose…

As to his horse, the name has yet to surface, but I do know what he looks like. He’ll also get good care from Rob’s brother in law who owns the livery and keeps an eye on the stables at The Willow and the Rose.

bay But First Coffee

Now. Groceries. Bank. Post office. More writing? Maybe not. I’m spending some time reading about business and villages in the midlands in 1818. Nothing like immersing myself in the background.

research1 But First Coffee

But wait! Fire & Frost comes out in four weeks. ACK! Promotion needed. Reviewers needed. A writer’s work is never done. But maybe I need another cup… So first, coffee!

IMG_0370-1024x768 But First Coffee

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