Cruising Speed?

We’ve been home for a few days and caught up with the Hanukkah folks in our life. I’ve been writing over 1000 words a day on Book one of the new series. If I can maintain it, I may have a draft by mid-February and plans for book two in place.

letter2-1 But First Coffee

There are speed bumps. I’m still working out the villains and the details of their plots. They are flitting just past the edge of my consciousness. I also have some naming challenges. I write better when I have everyone and everything named and I don’t have to fill the draft with place holders like xxxvicar’sname.

Would you like to help? A coaching inn has a central role in the series. Naming it is critical. I’m running a facebook contest to name it. You can vote and be entered to win by joining Caroline Warfield’s Fellow Travelers. It is free, public, and easy to join.

I haven’t managed much on my other project, The Cost of Money, the sequel to The Price of Glory (aka the Egypt novel), but my brain is spinning out scenarios in it.

We’ll leave our tree and nativities up for at least another week. We have guests coming for an Epiphany (or Twelfth Night) party next Sunday. So, I’m cruising along this week with no plans beyond saurkraut and pork for New Year’s. Well, that and ramping up some marketing for the Bluestocking Belles’ Fire & Frost. I plan to log 6000 words. But first, coffee.

coffeecropped-742x1024 But First Coffee

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