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Did you miss me? Last week this time I was flying home from a lovely weekend with old friends (those are the best kind, no?). In addition to catching up, talking non-stop, and enjoying good food, we visited some lovely spots in Saint Louis; they even got me to the top of the Gateway Arch in spite of my well-known horror of heights and distrust of enclosed spaces. The little five person pods that move you up and down made me think I had wandered into a science fiction movie. I’m glad I did it though; the view is spectacular. The museum there covers the history of Saint Louis, so I got my history fix. Since the history of French North America is one of my obsessions, I got rather wrapped up in that as well.

My flight was less adventurous than this fellow’s, and quite uneventful. I discovered along that way that it was impossible to read the Mueller report from a cloud based web site while flying. So far I haven’t met the goal I set of my last post, but I have read both volumes executive overview and summary sections. Very enlightening. I urge all to read that much at least.

Luckily I could resort to my kindle. Have you read Patricia Rice’s Magic in the Stars? I highly recommend it, and I don’t usually go for paranormal.

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None of the folks I spent the week with are story tellers—at least not in writing—but all are voracious readers of one kind or another. If you name a subject, one of us probably has read about it extensively. We were blessed in our youth with a very high level of engaged discourse, and I can’t tell you what a joy it was to reconnect.

So you might assume that after a lovely interlude I immersed myself I writing. I did not. Beloved has injured his knee requiring fetching, carrying, and marching off to doctors most of the week. Today I write. But first, coffee.

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