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Highlighting Historical Romance with Nina Beaumont and insights into the Congress of Vienna.

I have just released SAPPHIRE MAGIC, book 1 of my 5-book Fearless Women Historical Romance Series. The story takes place during the Congress of Vienna, and I would like to tell you a bit about this fascinating period.

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If my heroine, Arabella Douglas, had gone for a walk in the rabbit warren of streets behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral (the spire), she could have seen this view—minus the electrical wires, of course.

The Congress of Vienna did some serious business, but it was also the biggest and longest party Europe has ever had.

From September 1814 to June 1815,Vienna became the hub of European politics (and social life) as multitudes converged on the city—monarchs, heads of state, diplomats, ambassadors, military men, secretaries, beautiful women, and spies, lots and lots of spies.

With so many participants, negotiations were long and complicated. To make the time they spent in Vienna more pleasant, there was a profusion of opportunities for diversion—balls, soirées, salons, fancy events, such as the recreation of a medieval tournament, and plenty of love affairs.

Despite being the loser, France had a seat at the table. It was represented by Prince Talleyrand, the ultimate survivor. This sly genius had managed to serve Louis XVI, the Revolution, the Directoire, Napoleon, and after Napoleon’s fall, he went back to serving Louis XVIII without missing a beat. While Napoleon had used Talleyrand, the Emperor always despised him for his ease in changing loyalties and is reputed to have once said to him, “Monsieur, vous êtes une merde dans un bas de soie,” which translates as “Sir, you are a piece of s–t in a silk stocking.”

Despite its frivolous reputation, many  accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna lasted almost a century until the outbreak of World War I.

About the Book

How do you prove that love is not a myth?

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That is the challenge facing adventurous English aristocrat Arabella Douglas when she falls in love with Count Ferdinand “Nando” Berg, a cynical, bitter man who has been betrayed too often to believe in love. But Arabella is willing to bet her heart and her happiness that she can change his mind.

When Nando meets the audacious, outspoken Arabella, he knows she is everything he wants but never hoped to find. He yearns to believe that her candor and innocent passion are authentic, but can a distrustful, hard-hearted man learn to love again?

As the two circle each other in a seductive dance full of sizzling sensuality and enthralling emotion, Arabella makes every effort to convince Nando that the future is something to believe in. Soon, though, their blossoming relationship is jeopardized as they are plunged into the midst of political intrigue at the Congress of Vienna. Treachery and deception threaten not only the couple’s new-found love, but their very lives, as they struggle to discern what is real and what is an illusion.

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Excerpt from Sapphire Magic

                  Her chin rose. “How very kind of you, Count Berg, to be so concerned with my welfare.”

                  Arabella’s haughty tone was all the spark that the dry tinder of his mood needed. Nando’s hand shot forward, and his fingers closed around her wrist. “Damn you, Arabella, don’t you understand? I will not marry you, not ever. But if you push me far enough—” he pulled her closer “—if you push me far enough, I will make love to you.”

                  For a moment, Arabella was speechless as her breath hitched in her throat. This was the passion, the wildness she had only glimpsed last week. Her blood heated, and the excitement began to pound within her, as the vision of what it would be like to see it unleashed teased her.

                  “How far?” she whispered.

                  “What?” Nando’s voice was hoarse.

                  “How far will I have to push?” Arabella’s shallow, quick breathing made her sound winded.

                  “Not far, Arabella.” The grip of the fingers around her wrist loosened and became a caress as Nando’s thumb began to rub the throbbing pulse point. “Not far.”

About the Author

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Nina Beaumont was born in Salzburg, Austria, home to Mozart and the Von Trapp family. She is of Russian descent, and her family tree includes some interesting historical characters, such as Count Zhubov, who is reputed to have been Catherine the Great’s last lover.

She started writing as a child and also worked as a translator and editor. Now she lives in Austria and is thrilled to be back working full time on her European-set historical romances.

You can find her here:



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