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Highlighting Historical Romance with Michelle Jean Marie and her research about the Victorian Empire

It is difficult to grasp in this day and age that the small island of Great Britain was once the foremost global power for over a century. Britain’s imperial century spanned the years 1815 to 1914, most of that time under Queen Victoria. The Empire covered over 14 million square miles of territory and 450 million people. It included more than a quarter of the world’s population.

This is due in large part to Britain’s supremacy at sea during Victoria’s reign. Trade was vital, with ships arriving from all over the world. Because Britain had a dominant position in world trade, she could effectively control the economies of many countries.

Battle_of_Inkermann_by_David_Rowlands-300x199 Author's Blog Highlighting History This power, however, was not without struggle and war. Many campaigns were fought during Victoria’s reign. One of these was the Crimean War. It began when Turkey took offense to Russia expanding into the Danube region (known as Romania today,) so they went to war in 1853. Britain and France didn’t want Russia to push down into the Danube region either, worried that they would enter British India through Afghanistan, so they joined the war in 1854.

There were three main battles in the Crimean War: the battle of the Alma, the battle of Balaclava, and a major Russian attack at Inkerman on November 5, 1854. The Battle at Inkerman began in the early morning mist. (See photo – Battle of Inkerman by David Rowlands [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons) It was a foggy day, with the clouds hanging around the gullies and ravines. The Russian infantry advanced in dense columns and was met by the British regiments in open skirmishing. The fighting lasted all day, with the Russians finally retreating.

Victoria-Cross-presentation Author's Blog Highlighting History In the end, the British suffered 2,357 casualties. Many were awarded the Victoria Cross on Friday June 26, 1857. The ceremony was held in Hyde Park. The ceremony plays an important part in my upcoming release, Tempting Passion. (See photo: Queen Victoria presenting the first Victoria Crosses June 26, 1857 in Hyde Park. Painting by George H. Thomas.

One of the Crimean War casualties in Tempting Passion was Seaton Fitzwilliam, brother of Christel Fitzwilliam, the heroine in my story. Although he dies before the story begins, fellow soldiers Baron Downing and Randall Warren are on stage and crucial characters in the book. Christel misses her brother terribly, and as the days pass, she wonders if there wasn’t more to his death than confusion in the early morning fog.

TF300-200x300 Author's Blog Highlighting History About the Book: Tempting Passion

A Man Shattered

Marcus Aurelius Clayton, Earl of Norbourne, has it all – power, wealth, respect, a woman’s companionship, an infant son. Then in a moment of selfish passion, his world is shattered. He adopts the Stoic credo as his new way of life and vows to never again allow a woman to rule his passions.

A Woman Shamed

Miss Christel Fitzwilliam is the daughter of a Waterloo veteran. Her needs are many, her wants few. Her father doted on her, and her mother despised her because of it. Over the years, her mother’s scathing words wear down Christel’s resolve, until she too, questions whether she is deserving of a husband.

A Goal Shared

When Christel learns of her mother’s plan to trap Marcus into an unwanted marriage with her younger sister, Christel vows to save the earl from their scheme. Marcus appreciates her concern, but having renounced all passion, is confident he can vanquish the plan on his own. A determined and passionate Christel convinces him to accept her help.

But in trying to save the earl, does she put her own reputation at risk, along with her heart?

– Coming September 12, 2018

About the Author – Michelle Jean Marie

After years of working in the Health Information Management field, Michelle became a stay-at-home mom to raise two adorable daughters and took advantage of her time at home to pursue a life-long passion—writing.

While attending a romance writing workshop at a local library, Michelle was hooked. She cracked open the research books, turned on the computer, and started cranking out historical romances. In her early efforts, she was an RWA Golden Heart finalist with TEMPTING FATE, and a winner/finalist in many RWA sponsored contests.

After ending one marriage, seeing her daughters through college, opening her own business, and finally happily marrying her soul mate, she opened those old computer files and did some serious editing. She signed her first publishing contract for TEMPTING FATE with Soul Mate Publishing, more than twenty years after writing it. Perseverance does pay off! TEMPTING PASSION is the sequel to TEMPTING FATE, where you can meet the hero, Marcus Clayton, Earl of Norbourne.

Michelle lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Steve, and their three insane pups. Their four children have all moved on to their own homes and careers. By day, she runs a professional organizing business (primabydesign.com), a virtual assistant business (virtual-liaisons.com), and a research web site (literary-liaisons.com). Her favorite clients are authors!

By night, she writes. She self-published Researching the British Historical: The Victorian Era, 101 Organizing Tips for Writers, I’m Moving!! Now What? and Nine Journeys: Stories of Women Who Found Their Own Paths to Success.

TEMPTING PASSION will be available September 12, 2018. Sign up for my newsletter to stay up-to-date with announcements and appearances. http://www.michellejeanmarie.com/contact-me/

Meanwhile, meet the hero, Marcus Aurelius Clayton, in Tempting Fate. https://www.amazon.com/Tempting-Fate-Michelle-Jean-Marie-ebook/dp/B072BX2WSY/


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