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TheUnexpectedWife_850-187x300 Author's Blog But First Coffee It is here!

I went off to a 50th Anniversary Jubilee and came back to good news. The Unexpected Wife has been posted to Amazon for preorder pending a July 25 release. I am jumping up and down with glee!

That news and the reviewer copies were in my inbox. Now I have work to do making announcements and contacting magazines and review services. It is not yet at Barnes and Noble and other print retailers but you can find it on Amazon, including your preferred international Amazon site.

Order it here.

So what was this anniversary about, you ask? If you’ve read my official biography (on the left) you may recall the most frequently asked question, “Were you really a nun?” The answer is yes (check out the photo in my biography to prove it), but briefly. I never got past being a novice, and never took vows. Friends who persisted, however, celebrated fifty years since the day they took their first vows and several of us were there to celebrate with them. There was a lovely walk across campus after the Mass and luncheon, and a few emotional moments with the powerful women who are as close to me as sisters.2458-a-cup-of-dark-coffee-pv-150x150 Author's Blog But First Coffee

All in all, life is good. I’m off to work on marketing, but first, coffee. Beloved just brought me a second cup. Yes, life IS good.

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  1. This book sounds really good, but I think I’m going to re-read a couple of the previous books to re-acquaint myself with these characters. July 25th huh? I’ve got time (smile).

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