Door Three—owls love Halloween

Alas you have not found Caroline’s Treat, merely her favorite bird.

Owls have long been associated with Halloween, probably because of their nocturnal habits.

public-domain-vintage-owl-image-9-197x300 Caroline loves owls, BUT they are associated with many rather horrid superstitions:

  • They are the only animal that can comfortably live with ghosts. If you find one nesting in an abandoned house assume it is haunted.

  • They are harbingers of death. Seeing/finding one nearby is an omen that someone will die.

  • They are associated with witches. Romans believed witches could turn themselves into owls. Other cultures viewed them as either messengers or creatures that warned of the approach of witches.

  • The hooting of an owl can harm a child-cause illness or an unhappy life.