The Stolen Necklace…

I’ve written a short story to give to my newsletter subscribers this week. If you already subscribe, watch for a newsletter tomorrow or Friday. If you don’t subscribe there’s a link in the menu so you can do it. I give away free stories at least twice a week. Here’s a teaser.


Goodfellow carefully removed the jewels from his pocket before laying the coat over the back of a chair facing the fire. Craigie’s eyes flew wide when Goodfellow put the necklace on a table and pulled up a chair. He unwrapped his cravat and handed it to Craigie to tie the boy’s arms.

The dratted thing was old enough to fit MacPhee’s story, he’d give the old man that. It looked nothing like the brilliant necklaces Goodfellow had seen at London events, and he could see why the duchess wouldn’t wear it there. The large gold medallion hung from a heavy gold chain. It had four rounded, unfaceted diamonds set around it with four pairs of pearls between them. The center had an enameled picture of the Christ Child holding a large orb in his hand, only the orb was another rounded diamond, this one the size of a sparrow’s egg! Old and valuable without doubt. But who owns the necklace?

“It’s Alice MacPhee’s necklace,” the boy whined, as if to answer Goodfellow’s unspoken question.

Note: excerpts from works in progress may have not yet been edited, will likely undergo change, and may not even make it into the final work!

Some sample necklaces that gave me ideas…

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