A Monday Monday

Cartoon_Woman_Drinking_Coffee_While_Using_A_Computer.svg_-293x300 But First Coffee Whoo, boy! Last week was busy, and I’m moving slow this morning. I got that story written (I called it “The Treasure of the Isles”) and my newsletter out. I also managed a couple of blog posts, coordinated Belles’ Brunch, and visited the Tea Room on Facebook mid week. Over the weekend, I stayed offline, gardening and spending time with family.

What I did not do is work on The Unlikely Duke. Do you think I can manage 10000 words this week?I’d like to finish the rough draft by May 18 but I’ll have to snap it up a notch to pull that off. We’ll see. I’m also posting in the Dragonblade Publishing Book Club on Facebook all week. My theme is siblings. I best get to it. But first, coffee.


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