Across the Cotswolds with Lady Kitty Stocke

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Goodness, but this ramble was a rush! When Lady Kitty’s brother-in-law’s game keeper fled their home with villains on his heels, the impulsive young woman pursued him into the hills.

Cotswold-postcard-2-964965427-300x200 Author's Blog Caroline's Rambles Longford Court, a stately old home in West Gloustershire, had every comfort a young lady of good family might want. What might provoke a young lady to charge out across the Cotswolds after a man? Well, love of course! Unfortunately his need to avoid capture by the villains who wished to harm his ward, and her need to avoid being seen by the man of her dreams too quickly and be sent back, means that they ( and therefore I as reader) kept to the hills and wild areas and I was not able to enjoy the delights of the quaint Cotswold villages.

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Eventually, he discovered her. After a brief stay in Birmingham so Mr. Mogg, the gamekeeper, could consult his bank, Lady Kitty convinced him to seek the help of her powerful family. Soon the two of them, his young ward and her maid, (With Kitty posing as his wife) were off, traveling the width of England to the Essex coast to her sister’s home. Alas, neither Lord nor Lady Chirbury were at the Essex estate. There was nothing for it but to depart for London as soon as they could. The stay was brief but at least we got a glimpse of the ruined castles, windmillss, the Essex coast, and the sea.

They found traveling via the Mail a bone shaking experience but arrived in London quite fit. While they were forced to walk through some less salubrious neighborhoods they arrived non the worse for wear at a fine Mayfair mansion. Kitty’s powerful family was indeed able to intervene and deal with the villain. Soon enough Lady Kitty was off again following her new husband to Cumbria in the far north but that is a ramble for another day. I made do with tea and chocolate. And a very good book.

About the Book

The Flavor of Our Deeds, Book Five the Golden Redepennings

When Luke finally admits to loving Kitty, she thinks their troubles are over. They are just beginning.

The-Flavour-of-Our-Deeds-2-188x300 Author's Blog Caroline's Rambles Kitty Stocke has loved her brother-in-law’s gamekeeper for six years, ever since he saved her and her sisters from murderous villains. Luke keeps her at arms length. Social class, wealth, an age gap, and the secrets he hides stand between them.

But when those secrets come to light and set him running with Paul, the boy everyone believes to be his son, Kitty follows. Luke is arrested on a false charge of murder, but Kitty marshals powerful allies who help him to prove his innocence. With the real villain behind bars, Luke at last declares his love, and he and Kitty marry.

However, far to the north in Cumbria, at Paul’s estate, the new family are in more danger than every before, and can only trust one another.

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  1. Delighted to have you follow along with my characters, Caroline. This was a lovely piece.

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