Sunshine, Joy, and Energy

IMG-3687-300x225 Author's Blog But First Coffee Spring is finally popping here in the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania. After days of cold rain, yesterday bloomed bright, sunny, and warm. Leaves are just coming out on many trees, but the early flowering trees have blossomed. When we moved here I expected a concrete jungle, it being a very urban environment. Our township, however is very green and blessed with an abundance of flowering trees. My walk yesterday was a joy.

As to our yard, most of the little trees we planted last year are holding their own in spite of damage from the deer during antler rubbing season last year. Even the Magnolia that lost all its lower branches looks ready to bloom. Best of all an abundance of daffodils joined the lenten roses in the past few days. Not only are they joyous to behold, the deer don’t like them! My few tulips on the other hand were munched to the ground.

coffee-2390136_1280-300x204 Author's Blog But First Coffee One might think I would get more writing done on those cold rainy days, but no. It is hard to get motivated when the world is dreary. I managed to meet all my writing goals last week, though, making that start on a FREE story for newsletter subscribers (be sure to subscribe!!) and doing pre writing research and character studies for The Unlikely Duke. I have the opening scene in my head. Now to get it down in my computer!

This week: Finish story. Write three chapters. Do three blogs. Walk outside every day! But first? Coffee.

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