If its Tuesday it must be…

Back in the day there was a movie a few of you may be old enough to remember called If It Is Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, about of group of strangers on a whirlwind tour of nine countries in eighteen days. It sums up how I’m feeling lately. Yes, I know it is Tuesday and But First, Coffee belongs on Monday, but, well, I do what I can.

Promoting two anthologies, Desperate Daughters and Sunflower Season has eaten up my life lately, while I’m struggling to scribble a few words a day on Duke in All But Name, and waiting for confirmation of a release date and pre-order for The Upright Son.

This gem of a contest also has taken up time. The Desperate Daughters team has put together a four week “Help Us Share” contest with weekly prizes and a grand prize. Join us here:


As part of it, my good friend and fellow Bluestocking, Elizabeth Ellen Carter created lovely character memes. Here is what she made for Doro and Ben, the hero and heroine of my story, Lady Dorothea’s Curate.

Meanwhile, life being what it is my normal schedule has blown up completely and the “do not” has been removed from the writer’s “do not disturb” rule. Workmen. House decisions. Needy family members. Eye surgery follow up. Trips downtown to Wills Eye Hospital continue unabated.

Now I’m packing! Beloved and I are off to our old stomping grounds in Columbus Ohio for a week, primarily to attend a graduation, but also to connect with many old friends. I’m hoping to come home rested but the odds are not good! At least this time we’re flying.

So, I’m off to pack. If I’m quiet you’ll know why.

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