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I travel. Sometimes I travel by boat, plane, or automobile. Sometimes I travel by book. Sometimes I explore the real world. This week I continued to ramble around York. I let the Seahaven Diamonds, Ivy and Iris Bigglesworth, drag me off to the race track. York Races take place at Knavesmire, a common pasture belonging to the city. It is a fine track, though prone to mud. They keep up the grandstand, though at sixty years or so it is showing its age. Yet people vie for admission. The meet is a prominent one, York being second only to Newmarket in renown. People flock in for the races, and the Bigglesworth daughters will no doubt end their Season at the races. I suspect the pair of cousins we met training their horses may be the girls’ real interest, but I’m only speculating.

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A York Race by Thomas Rowlandson

About the Story

The Four-to-One Fancy: By Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Fate has given twins Ivy and Iris Bigglesworth a season in York. They vow to marry only brothers so the sisters will never be apart. But what are the odds of finding and falling in love with two eligible brothers? Hearts race when they meet two handsome cousins who are betting their future on a risky racing venture. Soon the twins learn there are more than fortunes to be lost on a four-to-one fancy.

About the Book: Desperate Daughters

Love Against the Odds

The Earl of Seahaven desperately wanted a son and heir but died leaving nine daughters and a fifth wife. Cruelly turned out by the new earl, they live hand-to-mouth in a small cottage.

The young dowager Countess’s one regret is that she cannot give Seahaven’s dear girls a chance at happiness.

When a cousin offers the use of her townhouse in York during the season, the Countess rallies her stepdaughters.

They will pool their resources so that the youngest marriageable daughters might make successful matches, thereby saving them all.

So start their adventures in York, amid a whirl of balls, lectures, and alfresco picnics. Is it possible each of them might find love by the time the York horse races bring the Season to a close?

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