The-Upright-Son-2-Spring-2022-169x300 But First Coffee I am knee deep in editing The Upright Son. There are two pieces of good news. Number one, it is on schedule and will be turned in to the publisher by the end of the week. Number two, I think I have a winner here. You’re going to like it.

This and that department:

  • I’ve taken steps on a project I’ve considered for a while. I am taking my novellas from three Bluestocking Belles collections, Valentines from Bath, Fire & Frost, and Storm & Shelter, and giving them a single volume of their own. The heroes of all three are wounded warriors making their way—some more successfully than others—in peacetime. They all have hurdles and demons. The title of the book is Wounded Hearts. I have a cover and a proof reader. Next month: assemble and edit.
  • Desperate Daughters is picking up orders and positive reviews. We’re pretty delighted with it. Here’s my newest Teatime Tattler piece featuring my characters.
  • I had planned to add two books to The Ashmead Heirs but decided to switch gears. The heroes didn’t quite fit the heirs pattern, although they are about inheriting titles. After discussion with Dragonblade, I will be writing a new three book series tentatively called Entitled Gentlemen. Not to worry. They will include stories for Phillip Tavernash and Gideon Kendrick from The Defiant Daughter. Gideon comes first. He is the Duke in All But Name and I’ve made a start.
  • I just found out The Price of Glory is up for an InD’Tale RONE award. Voting is the week of April 18

coffee-2390136_1280-300x204 But First Coffee And then there is LIFE which as been rather hectic lately. Nothing serious but many appointments for various family members. I’m off to work! But first, coffee.

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