Slow But Steady

The morning after a storm pounded the south and east, and the urban wilds of Eastern Pennsylvania (and New Jersey) awoke to steady rain that has washed away last evenings snow. Alas snow flurries have returned but they don’t amount to much. I’ll take it!

Progress was made on The Upright Son last week, but not as much as I needed to make. I managed some research into orthopedic surgery in the 1840s for The Value of Pity. It wasn’t enough but I’m slowly getting back in the saddle.

fffa3330130545f3eec1b8970aaf7727-morning-coffee-funny-funny-turtle-2-300x225 But First Coffee Energy levels are almost back to normal, and I did manage a little (very little) promotional activity for The Forgotten Daughter. As with everything else this month, I’ve been slow getting to it. Those of you who love The Ashmead Heirs–please help me by sharing information about the book on social media! There are ten days left to pre-order it at 99 cents before the price reverts! I’ll be putting out a newsletter tomorrow so watch for it. At the same time, we’ve started planning an aggressive marketing plan for The Desperate Daughters, another (if I do say so) fabulous collection from The Bluestocking Belles, also on pre-order.

So much to do… but first coffee!


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