Has the Wind Died Down?

The_First_Snow_Minnesota-225x300 But First Coffee I’ve been blown hither and yon for the last several days and not just because the urban wilds of the east coast were hit with a major winter storm! I’ve been running all over social media. I have two more Facebook “takeovers” this week and two more guest blog posts, but they are all (at last) written and scheduled, so I can settle down to write. I need to!

I certainly have motivation. The reviews for The Forgotten Daughter have been stellar! The only words more dear to my heart than, “I was up until four in the morning finishing it,” are “I can’t wait for Book Four.” YIKES I better put my shoulder to the wheel and get ‘er done.

If you’d like a hint about Book Four, you’ll find one or two in this lovely post in which the Earl of Clarion, our David, visits Jude Knight’s Duchess of Winshire:

Goals for February? Finish Book Four, write a chapter in The Value of Pity (Yes, I’m still working on it), and keep this blog up more regularly, particularly Caroline’s Rambles and WIP Wednesday. I am also trying to promote Desperate Daughters, the Bluestocking Belles next collection, but that will heat up more in April. We’ll see.
Meanwhile, I’ve been put on the GERD diet. No wine? No coffee??? However will I cope? I’m off to write, but first water. (Ok maybe a sip or two of coffee.)

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