An Excerpt for Launch Day

Another book has been released into the wild! The Forgotten Daughter went live at midnight. That makes ten (10!) full length novels, two standalone novellas, nine novellas in collections, and a bevy of short stories for may newsletter readers.

To celebrate here’s one of my favorite excerpts from The Forgotten Daughter. Did you notice I’m also offering chances at a prize package for helping me promote it? Look here.

Eli Benson, the hero is a mild mannered soul. Smart, efficient, and dependable, he’s the one everyone relies on to fix things. A hero? You bet. Don’t underestimate him. This bit happens after an attack on the heroine’s carriage.


“Is this the first time you killed a man, Benson?” the corporal asked.

Eli nodded. He’d had no choice and wouldn’t second guess himself, but the horror of it would haunt him.

“It needed doing,” Goodfellow said, clapping him on the shoulder. “Think on the things you protected.”

When Fanny slid up next to him and put an arm around his waist, he turned her away from the sight of the brigand’s wounds, and pulled her into an embrace. He soaked in the comfort she offered, thanking God she had not been injured.

Fanny went up on her toes and kissed the side of his chin. “We best get Reilly to a doctor,” she said, her voice thick and wet.

He kissed her fiercely then, pouring all the wanting, all the passion, all his need for comfort into that kiss. When he raised his head, still holding her, Goodfellow studiously saw to the tack on his horse, but Wil stared open mouthed.

Eli almost asked Fanny to trade places with Wil, needing her by his side, but she’d be safer inside the carriage. One thing he knew for certain. Once they got to the inn, he wouldn’t let her out of his sight.

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