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coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

Sometimes family comes first. Life—in the form of family—intervened to complicate my July. You may have noticed I was absent from this blog, but I’m back at my usual desk and catching up.

Still, I kept working as I could all month. While I was gone:

  • The Price of Glory went live. We had a wee party in Caroline Warfield’s Fellow Travelers, the book appeared on several blogs, and I was DEElighted. It was a joy to get that precious story finally out in the world. I had no time to rest, however.
  • I had fun with daily quizzes in Fellow Travelers. Later today I’ll be awarding the right to specify the elements for a made-to-order story to one winner chosen at random.
  • Meanwhile, The Ashmead Heirs approached publication. I created guides to the village and its people on Fellow Travelers.
  • I did one last review of The Defiant Daughter and handed it in. I do the final read-through of a book by reading the manuscript out loud. I’m always astonished at the number of things I find when I do that. The book has been turned in and is on schedule to be published in late October.
  • Book One of the new series, The Wayward Son, launched in late July. So we had another wee party, and Dragonblade, the publisher, was enormously kind. They surprised me with flowers!
  • Excellent reviews began coming in and I’m super pleased.
  • Meanwhile the Bluestocking Belles scoped out next year’s collection of novellas, and I made a start on my contribution. It features an earl’s daughter and an impoverished curate, neither of which is exactly what they seem.

It would be lovely to bask in July accomplishments, but that novella won’t write itself, The Forgotten Daughter is due November 1, and the rest of the Ashmead Heirs need blurbs and webpages urgently. I best get busy. But first, coffee.

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