The Best Friends

coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

Old friends are the best friends, don’t you agree? This past week I had the privilege of spending time with one of my dearest. While the weather kept us in more than we like, I was able to introduce her to Time Team (one of my favorite television indulgences, and the game of Carcassonne. Mostly we tell stories. Isn’t that what old friends do? After some shopping therapy, we finally had a day to enjoy one of my favorite places, Longwood gardens. Inspire, I plan to write about gardens I have loved (and Victorian plant hunters that may feature in a later book) in a blog post for CD Hersh later this week.

IMG-4674-1024x768 But First Coffee

This week I expect a second round of company, but this one is family with their own agenda so I should have more time to write. I plan to work on some character work for The Forgotten Daughter and a proposed beginning–beginnings are always “proposed” until the book is done. But first, coffee.

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