Khartoum is Not Ancient


Did you know that Khartoum is not ancient though important ancient sites are nearby.

  • It was founded in 1821 by Ibraham Ali Pasha on behalf of Muhammad Ali Pasha, his father, the khedive or viceroy of Egypt when Egypt annexed what is now northern Sudan.
  • It was largely a military outpost.
  • 1830 it became the provincial capital, and center of the slave trade.
  • It is situated where the Blue Nile meets the White Nile before flowing north as a single river.
  • By 1882 Egypt was a British protectorate, and in 1884 locals rebelled against Egyptian rule, putting Khartoum under siege. The fall of the city and the death of General Gordon resulted in a long, messy war in the area.

Khartoum and the river feature prominently in The Price of Glory which takes place in 1839

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