Because It Is Impossible

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An excerpt: I’ve had moonlight on my mind lately.


“We’re still weeks from Khartoum, Sekhmet. Bashkim—”

Use of the nickname made her lips curl up into a smile. “Neither Bashkim nor Khartoum has anything to do with it. You have your work, your goals.”

“And you have yours.” He shifted and tried to cradle her head against his shoulder, but she pulled away to sit down on the block.

“Tell me now. What is it you seek at Meroë?” She didn’t need his secrets, but she desperately needed to calm her raging arousal. And his.

He knelt in the sand, planted both elbows on the stone block next to her, and cocked his head to look at her. “Scholars have devoured knowledge of the ancients for the past forty years. Much has already been nailed in place, but much hasn’t. There are lines of research, not just things to uncover, but things to interpret and explain.”

“Yes, but what is it you think you will find there.”

“Inscriptions in meroitic script. The more I have—”

“—the more likely you can decipher it. Holy angels above, Aeneas, no one has been able to do it. There is no Rosetta stone for meroitic script.” His blue eyes, darkened with passion and night, glowed back at her in the moonlight. “That’s why, isn’t it? Because it is difficult. Because some think it impossible.”

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