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Good Monday morning, readers, friends, and fellow travelers. Did you miss me last week? I decided to buckle down and bring The Defiant Daughter to completion. Well, perhaps not completion. I typed THE END at the end of a rough draft. It would be rougher except most of the chapters have already been gone over several times. I have a habit of backing up and editing a scene or several when I sit down to write.

Some of the later scenes were difficult to write. There is a kidnapping. There are knives. And there is a frank discussion about sex. I wouldn’t necessarily call this book “steamy,” but I would call it frank and realistic. I have a heroine with a fear of intimacy. I had to help her heal, and I did.

I will leave the results to your tender mercies after it is polished, edited, and out in October. For now it is resting. Then I will do an editorial pass. Then I will entrusted it to a crew of beta readers before i do the final edit and hand it over to the publisher next month.

A sort of lull comes over me at this point. A vacuum if you will. Then stuff comes flooding in. I spent the weekend planning posts to my own blog and agreeing to some social media opportunities. With TWO books coming out in July from two different publishers it has been confusing. (I know. Why do you do these things, Caroline??) At this point:

  • The Wayward Son, is up for pre-ordering at
  • The Price of Glory is up for pre-ordering at
  • Publisher A does not give advance reviewer copies to writers. The Wayward Son will be on NetGalley at some point, I’m told. They handle editorial reviews.
  • Publisher B gave me ARC for The Price of Glory. An ARC opportunity has been posted to BookSprout.
  • Both lovely–but very different—books are appearing in promotions here and there.

While all this was going on the heroine for The Forgotten Daughter (The Ashmead Heirs, Book 3) came into focus in my mind along with two opening scenes. I made notes…but I need to write them before I forget. And blurbs for The Defiant Daughter and The Forgotten Daughter while continuing to chip away (and I am) on The Value of Pity.

It should be an interesting week. But first, coffee.

coffee_outside_facebook_RF But First Coffee


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