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coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

Is it Monday already? Last week was amazing and the weekend crowded with work, play, and family, family, and family. I shared some family history with the grandchildren of cousins. There were Mother’s Day flowers. And cake.

Things are speeding up in my writing life. In case you missed it, The Wayward Son went up for pre-order mid-week. I had to scramble to put the order link in the usual places and make announcements. Are you interested in the story? I put a wonderful excerpt about Rob’s relationship with his two families up last week for WIP Wednesday, and another one on Friday that describes Ashmead for Caroline’s Rambles. Interested in pre-order? You can find it here: . As luck would have it, I may be scurrying again this week for The Price of Glory. I finished media kits (the bane of a writer’s life) for both books last week)

In the “and also” department, I sketched out my character and plot ideas for the 2022 Bluestocking Belles anthology. Dragonblade is talking about a Christmas Anthology for which they want 15000 words. My reaction? I absolutely don’t have cycles to do that. Then I got a story idea and wrote a paragraph. We’ll see if that amounts to anything.

I still managed to eke out quite a bit of The Defiant Daughter and to outline the rest of that story. I don’t think I’ll finish it this week but I it is remotely possible. I’d like to stay out away from Facebook and skip some of my routine posts here. I’m doing 1500 word days. I need to do 3000 word days, and push through so I can start the next one. But first, coffee.

coffee-2390136_1280-1024x696 But First Coffee

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