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If you haven’t taken a look at my Bookshelf lately, please do. Big changes.

ThePriceOfGlory505-2-201x300 But First Coffee Last week I was able to reveal the cover for the Price of Glory, and the link to its own page. I now have a release date for that book. I’m finished editing. It is in process with the publisher and will launch July 7. Stay tuned for the pre-order schedule. You’ll know as soon as I do.

If you look at my Bookshelf, you will also see all the covers for the Ashmead Heirs series, the first book of which is following right behind Price of Glory. I think I’ll save that book, The Wayward Son, for Work in Process Wednesday this week! It will be released on July 22. That will be a one busy month, friends, and I’ll need help from all of you.

Meanwhile, I’m focused on Ashmead book two, The Defiant Daughter. It is scheduled for October and I need to finish it and move on to book three. I’m also chipping away on The Value of Pity. Those two and Wayward Son also need pages of their own. Much to do this week! But first, coffee.


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