A Three Coffee Monday

After a super productive weekend I’m facing a three coffee Monday.

First of all, I’m pleased to say, I finished the edits for The Price of Glory. When I send books to the editor I always think they are perfect, but NO. Every one of them seems to have a lazy word, a crutch word I overuse. This time the word was “pulled,” as if there weren’t a dozen stronger verbs in almost every case. Grumble. Then there are the passages that need clarification. Typos to correct. Ways to deepen point of view. It went back to the editor, but I expect it back for another round. I anticipate revealing the cover and having news for you mid April, after Storm & Shelter is released into the wild.

Storm & Shelter occupies me today. We have a number of fun events planned surrounding the launch. A pesky Teatime Tattler reported haunted Fenwick on Sea and all eight stories. We want readers’ help unmasking the person. The contest begins next Monday; we’re hammering out details today. The print copy is available now. The ebook will be live April 13 and is still less than a dollar, but the price won’t stay there, so order now.

Life has kept me hopping as well. Holy week is upon us. Church committees have been active. I have seeds starting on my window sill–three types of tomatoes, peppers and lettuce. A load of compost for the beds is due Wednesday. Biggest news of all? I got my second vaccine shot last Monday. It cost me 2-3 days and backed everything up which may be why I was a bit stressed this morning.

image001-1024x256 But First Coffee

Speaking of hops, watch for two. There’s an Easter egg hop for lovers of historical fiction April 1-4 with big prizes. In addition there will be a Storm & Shelter Hop on April 13. Remember that pesky reporter? Clues and flash fiction in the hop may help you figure it out. To keep up with it all, check out Caroline Warfield’s Fellow Travelers or my newsletter. The next issue will be on April 10. We also have a launch party that day.

As if all that wasn’t enough, I have two books in process, The Defiant Daughter, and The Value of Pity. But first, coffee.

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  1. Caroline– you need coffee with this schedule! Good luck on the launch.

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