Coffee and a Question

coffee-1024x512 But First Coffee

Monday dawned bright enough this week, but yet another light snow is falling. It will turn to rain, no doubt by noon, just as I’m scheduled to sneak out of my Covid cave for a vaccination appointment. Grrr. But I’m not missing the opportunity.

Last week was stressful and crazy with a jangling phone, many interruptions, snow to shovel, children to reassure, church committee projects, vaccination availability panic, and general mayhem. Oddly, in the middle of it The Defiant Daughter continued to take shape. Destinations were met, shocks endured, secrets revealed, and, if I do say, emotions bled all over the page. That one is cooking.

The Valentine Hop weekend before last generated some interest in Storm & Shelter, and I’m glad. it is a lovely book and deserves every bit of attention. We had heaps of fun introducing and playing with our characters during Brunch with the Belles on Saturday.

Questionsof the week: do you like to review books? My review team is on Booksprout, please do join.

Now back to my work in progress. But first, coffee.

coffee-2390136_1280-1024x696 But First Coffee

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