Time is fleeting…

We had a relaxing weekend. We did patio and margaritas with our daughters on Friday and then a quiet—utterly delicious—chicken barbecue for just the two of us on Saturday.

Then we streamed Hamilton. We saw it on stage three years ago, but watching the original cast was a treat. I was struck once again by the power of the writing. It is in hip-hop rhyme but whole swaths have the rhythm of iambic pentameter I swear! It seems to me the play is a classic hero story, in which a brilliant and ambitious hero comes out of nowhere to the pinnacle and then falls due to his own hubris. Can you guess my favorite line?

 But First Coffee

As to the work, I sent draft 2 of The Wayward Son off to critique partners. I’m working away on a novella for the next Belles’ anthology. It involves a headmistress and a coachman. And last week brought me a pile of lovely book memes that I’m spreading on Instagram and Facebook. You may even see some here. I’m on it! I think I need that quote on a mug. But first, coffee.

coffeecropped-742x1024 But First Coffee

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