Three Good Things

When my children were small, I used to head off bouts of complaining (particularly at the dinner table) by insisting they all tell me three good things first. Any bad news from their day that was truly important could wait. Sometimes they had to reach to find joy. Most of the time the three good things were enough to chase the troublesome thoughts away.

It’s easy to find things to gripe about in these troubled times, but this was a particularly good week. Let me tell you three good things.

  1. Father’s Day brought greetings and visits from our complex and far flung brood. Each one brought a unique and welcome note of joy.
  2. I had a lovely chat with the writers of SARA, the San Antonio Romance Authors. I don’t know if they got anything useful from my nattering on about character development, but I certainly found their company affirming. Authors are good to one another. At least, they usually are.
  3. I wrote The End at the bottom of The Wayward Son. It now exists as a complete rough draft fermenting on my laptop. That’s the fist big milestone in making a book. After I gain some distance I’m going to remember the motto, “Write without fear; edit without mercy,” and bang it into shape for beta readers.
end But First Coffee

By Tuesday I was well on my way getting acquainted with the hero of my next novella for a Bluestocking Belle’s Collection. I hope have the character planning far enough along to start writing by the end of the week… BUT I have company this week and Friday is day one of The 2020 Beau Monde Virtual Writers’ Retreat. I can’t wait! I best get as much done today as I can. But first, coffee.

coffee-2390136_1280 But First Coffee

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