Coffee and a Boost

Sometimes we all need a boost. I got one this weekend. I attended a virtual-entirely-online-yes-in-zoom writers’ conference. I was not terribly excited about it. After all there’s no driving to Williamsburg or motoring to Atlanta or flying to California for me this year. Even one I had eyed in Peoria in the fall is looking dicey. No book signings either. Here’s a picture of me at a book signing last year, dolled up in Regency dress.

IMG-3191 But First Coffee
Caroline at HRR 2019

SIGH! Alas none of that this year. BUT Friday and Saturday I hung out at the Beau Monde 2020 Virtual Writers’ Retreat. I even got to wear that dress since Saturday night included a costume ball–alas, also virtual. I heard a terrific lineup of speakers on topics related to craft, research, and marketing and was able to chat with my fellow wizards, er, writers. I came away with:

  • An astonishing set of handouts regarding the Royal Navy from Elizabeth Essex. It was enough to make me wish I had a naval story in me…so far no luck but I’m feeling inspired.
  • A pile of marketing tips and tidbits that may have me reevaluating this blog (Do I really need one?) my newsletter (would more often with more personal stuff be better than occasional?) to which social media areas are worth my time.
  • A long list of names for rhetorical devices—some of which I already use but had no name for—aimed to make my prose ***sing*** and not just lie limply on the page.

That last one is timely because I start rewriting The Wayward son today. Rough drafts create your story. Rewriting applies prose that makes it worth reading. After that come critiques and beta readers, another rewrite and finally editing. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a book by then.

Sufficient for this week is to begin drafting one novella and rewriting one novel. But first, coffee.

coffee_outside_facebook_RF But First Coffee

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