A Head Full of Ideas

I’ve come back from HRR19 with a suitcase full of rumpled costumes and books to read, a heart full of good memories, and a head full of ideas—too many ideas! (I #amwriting !) It occurs to me that many of you followed along on Facebook where dozens of pictures were posted. Some of you probably didn’t. I will attach some pictures for folks who haven’t seen them, and put them at the bottom in order not to bore those who did. You will note we had a blast.

Beloved was a good sport. He not only dressed up for the evening activities, he went to sessions on sword fighting, men’s fashion, cravat tying, and a mysterious item called The Hellfire Club. Hearing that respectable ladies did not attend such a den of iniquity, I stayed away. Oh! And we squeezed in some rest and relaxation at Croad Vineyard in Paso Robles.

 But First Coffee

Now about those ideas: I already have more on my plate than I can manage. When I find myself overwhelmed I put myself on a schedule. In this case I plan to mull and meditate for a couple of weeks, finish The Price of Glory, finish my current made-to-order story obligation, and see what rises to the top after October 15.

But of course there is always more. While I’m finishing those drafts, working on a Bluestocking Belles’ project, and looking to the future, I have project reaching fruition. Christmas Hope is up in both print and ebook at multiple vendors and ready to go live on October 15. The ebook version remains at the pre-order price of $.99 but it will revert to the retail price of $2.99 at launch on the 15th. In the meantime you may see ads, blogs (its on tour), and celebration along the way—enough to keep me very busy. A newsletter will go out this week as well.

But first, coffee!

About those pictures…am I lucky or what?

unnamed But First Coffee
IMG-3191 But First Coffee
IMG-3238 But First Coffee
IMG-3224 But First Coffee

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  1. Love the pics! No doubt u folks enjoyed ! looking forward to more ‘Caroline Warfield’ books!

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