The Work Rushes Forward

My carriage is careening down the road this week. I would call it a runaway, but no, I have the reins and it is all under control. Really.

A_travers_Paris_1894_14778914514 But First Coffee

The Price of Glory progresses daily. I just passed midpoint, mysterious doings have ensued in Khartoum, and I have come up with a tag line. “A splash of Indiana Jones and a dash of Amelia Peabody in a stew of adventure all its own: The Price of Glory.” {{waggles eyebrows}} What do you think? Scenes from the next two books in that series have begun to flash in my brain, which is always a good sign. Meanwhile I’m cooking along at 1-2000 words a day. Maybe more this week.

Christmas Hope is now available for pre-order!! It has gone to the editor for a final edit, but I have plenty of time to get the final, fully edited copy up by the October 15 release date. I will have advance review copy available this week as well.

Christmas-Hope-Paperback-1024x759 But First Coffee

The Bluestocking Belles leapt deep into a beta read for our next collection over the weekend. There are four novellas all centered around a single event, and we’re hopeful there will be two more in our second beta go-round. This week I’ll be reading them all. We plan a February release and we have a spectacular cover. I can’t show you that just yet, but I can tell you the title: Fire and Frost.

Look for me on the Teatime Tattler Wednesday, and, if you are on Facebook on A Regency House Party (Anabelle Anders Reader Group) Tuesday from 4 to 5 PM EDT. Maybe I’ll find five minutes to weed my vegies and flower beds. It is the time of year when I ask, “Why don’t deer eat weeds? They eat everything else.” It should be a good week, if a bit of a rush. But first? Coffee.

IMG_0370-1024x768 But First Coffee

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