Another hot summer day is upon me and I’m back at work at my desk. So much has piled up while I was gone and/or is pending in the near future that I have to get organized. My personal priorities won’t surprise you. but they are only the tiniest bit of help planning my time.

personal-priorities-hi But First Coffee Writing

When it comes to my work though, I have to drill down, and remember not just the items but the order of priority so I always do #1 first.

#1 First work on The Price of Glory~the story of Richard (Aeneas) Mallet, son of the hero and heroine of Dangerous Works, set primarily in Egypt. It is a splash of Indiana Jones and a dash of Amelia Peabody in a stew of adventure all its own. If I don’t keep it at the top of list, it won’t get done so I can get to books for his brother Archie and sister Athena.

#2 Complete the beta draft for my story for the Bluestocking Belles’ next anthology, Fire and Frost. I have another wounded warrior and the little sister of one of my favorite characters, Will, the Earl of Chadbourn. It is due to beta readers Thursday.

#3 Publish and find reviewers for Christmas Hope. It is currently with the editor for the final edit. I’m pushing toward an October 15 release.

Only then can I look at the exploding number of marketing concerns, contest finals, and conference preparation tasks (the Historical Romance Retreat is just over a month away!) I’m just a bit busy and plan to keep my nose to the grindstone this week. But first? Coffee.

coffeecropped-742x1024 But First Coffee Writing

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