Dangerous Works

DangerousWorks_200x300-e1409715977606 A battered war hero, an abused woman, and a body of neglected work come together in an emotionally complex story set in Cambridge, England, in 1816. It is the story of the seductive power of words and the triumph of love over fear.

A little Greek is one thing; the art of love is another. Only one man ever tried to teach Lady Georgiana Hayden both. She learned very young to keep her heart safe. She learned to keep loneliness at bay through work. If it takes a scandalous affair to teach her what she needs to complete her work, she will risk it. If the man in question chooses not to teach her, she will use any means at her disposal to change his mind. She is determined to give voice to the ancient women whose poetry has long been neglected.

Some scars cut deeper than others. Major Andrew Mallet returns to Cambridge a battle scarred hero. He dared to love Georgiana once and suffered swift retribution from her powerful family. The encounter cost him eleven years of his life. Determined to avoid her, he seeks work to heal his soul and make his scholar father proud. The work she offers risks his career, his peace of mind, and (worst oreviewertoppick2 f all) his heart. Can he protect himself from a woman who almost destroyed him? Does he want to?

Even poetry, with its musical lyrics and sensual traps, is dangerous when you partner with the love of your life. In Regency Cambridge it can lead a lady quickly past improper to positively scandalous.

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