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I’m hiding this morning. I’ve set up a writing cave in the upper reaches of the house hiding from the crew who are currently demolishing my kitchen. Yes folks, it is Day 1 of The Great Kitchen Project. My office, the wonderful space surrounded by windows has been called into service as a field kitchen (see illustration), and the guest room where I store my costumes, inventory, and swag is doing duty as office. I’m hoping this is only for three weeks!

Costumes! I left for Williamsburg with my lovely cotton Regency day dress and returned with the addition of a green silk Regency ball gown. After three days with the brilliantly gifted modiste, Victoria Vane, I couldn’t resist. Her fashion show, covering gowns from 1700 to 1800, Williamsburg’s hay day, was jaw dropping, with fabulous gown after stunning creation, one after another. Then I won another one. I left my measurements with Lady Vane. I’m sticking to Regency because Restoration and Georgian generally come with hoops and panniers—not my style—and I’ll be ready for the next opportunity to dress up and hob nob with authors and readers.

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Also at Romancing Williamsburg I asked authors how many books they write a year. Four to six?? I’m a slug. Meara Platt encouraged me to pick up the pace. Speaking of Meara, I’m rereading My Fair Lily, but that’s for another day. The pounding is quiet for a moment so I best get to work. But first, coffee.

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  1. Your Williamsburg trip sounds like a success! I too love the ‘dress’ from the Late 1700’s- early 1900’s!

    Now onto reading more of your ‘work’!?

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