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Highlighting Historical Romance with Shannon Nemecheck and her Civil War romance

My Name is Shannon Nemechek and most know me for my writing as a Contemporary and Military Romances, but I have been in the process of writing a couple of Historical Romances. Today I thought I would start out telling you a little about the one story that will be released in a boxset called Blame it on the Night, my contribution is called The Belle of Cypress Creek and is set during the Civil War on a Plantation near Florence, Alabama.

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The original plantation Called the Forks of Cypress was the inspiration for this story but sadly was destroyed in a fire in 1966 when lightning struck the main house. All that remain now are pillars from the Greek revival main house.

Trivia & Facts
The Forks of Cypress was also famous for.,,

  1. Most of the lineage of thoroughbred race horses can trace their roots back to the horses that were brought from England and Ireland by James Jackson. His breeding efforts brought about some of the greatest racing thoroughbreds to America.
  2. Queen Haley and Alec Haley Sr. were Grandparents of Alex Haley the Author of Roots. Queen Jackson was the illegitimate daughter of James Jackson the 3rd and Easter a slave. Alec Haley was the son of the overseer of the Jackson Plantation.
  3. A replica of The Forks of Cypress stands in downtown Florence, Alabama and is the Regions Bank.
  4. 23 of the 24 Pillars are the only thing standing in the spot that the main house stood after the fire in 1966. The pillars were made of brick the house of wood.
  5. During the Civil War the Forks of Cypress stood as a Union Stronghold as well as a Confederate one.

The Belle of Cypress Creek

Aug 21st, 2019

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The Belle of Cypress Creek is a story that occurs in the midst of the Civil War. The Union Army has set up camp on the Families Cotton Plantation. Brigid Aine O’Neill the daughter of the Owner Killian O’Neill who immigrated from Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine with a price on his head after attacks on several businesses in Dublin and one was man was killed. Killian won the Plantation in a game of chance in a pub in Boston, not long after arriving in America. Now a businessman and pillar of society in Alabama and married with four daughters. Brigid has been promised to Brian MacDougal the son of an Alabama Senator and adjacent plantation owner. The O’Neill’s and MacDougal’s are old friends and countrymen from Ireland.

Brigid wants to choose her own husband, but her father wouldn’t have it. The time of the wedding announcement approaches and Brian must get through the Union lines to attend the Engagement Party. Brian MacDougal Attended West Point only to leave and join the Confederacy when the union split. Brian now a commission Officer of the confederacy must get through the union camp, with his best friend in tow.

When Brigid meets James Flanagan her heart almost jumps from her chest and she falls madly in love with the young confederate officer. What happens next is both frightening and liberating to the young Brigid. Who will win her heart? Who will fall under the fire of the union guns?

The Belle of Cypress Creek will keep you guessing until the very end.

Coming Soon to Blame it in the Night Boxset

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