Pie For Breakfast!

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Why not cherry pie for breakfast? The holiday season is one long balancing act between hard work, extra effort, meditation, and celebration. I chose to start today with some leftover celebration. I couldn’t just leave it sitting all by its lonesome in that pie pan, could I?

I’m running around on a gimpy foot so my mall crawling days are limited. It’s just as well—I’m not a huge mall fan even during the holiday shopping season. I do have to run out and sign some papers today and will follow that with grocery shopping, although given the gimpy foot, I may be waiting in the car and hoping Beloved can read my chicken scratches on the shopping list.

As to writing, this week I need to format final copy of my story for the Bluestocking Belles still not quite announced Valentines collection/anthology/box set…whatever you call it.

My story now has a title! It will be called Candles in the Dark. The hero own a candle factory. I also need to finish my History Imagined post. It is on the history of candles—imagine that! Very festive. I hope to get a made to order story finished, and I want to keep chipping away at The Price of Glory as soon as I get comfortable with the state of Egyptology in 1839. 

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But first coffee! Nice how that goes with my pie.

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  1. I have a gimpy foot this holiday season, too, isn’t that funny? I think it’s plantar fasciitis. It’s really short-circuiting my holiday prep activities. Hey, Candles in the Dark sounds fantastic! Good luck with all the writing and running around!

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