Christmas is a’Comin’

Once again grey clouds hang over the urban wilds and the temptation to give into an equally grey funk is strong, but we bought Christmas lights this morning, and I have stories on my mind.

Harry and Rosemarie, when last seen in Roses in Picardy, were wrapped in each other’s arms on Christmas Eve 1916 (that one was in the Belle’s Collection, Never Too Late). They finally get their peacetime Christmas in 1919 in The Last Post (that one is in the 2018 Collection, Follow Your Star Home). Lately I’ve been thinking about where they were for Christmas in 1917 and 1918. Was Harry able to get away from the army to see her? Did his duties keep him away? I’ve begun to draft those connecting pieces so I can publish their journey as a single novel.

Christmas_on_the_Western_Front_1914-1918_Q1630-300x211 Author's Blog But First Coffee I fear Harry’s may have looked more like the one in this picture, Christmas Dinner on the Western Front than the one in the picture below. The characters are going to have to whisper in my ear and tell me what happened in those years. painting1-300x222 Author's Blog But First Coffee







But that is something to look for next year. The Last Post is available in Follow Your Star Home now. If you haven’t read my older holiday books, I urge you to take a look. A Dangerous Nativity is still free, although it may not be next year. I’m thinking about it.  Lady Charlotte’s Christmas Vigil is a dear story: Venice, a lonely British lady, a handsome Italian doctor… a formula for romance. An Open Heart is a Channukah story set against a Regency house party.

This will be a quiet week, but next week you can look forward to a special promotion from the Bluestocking Belles with a series of short stories that fit between the eight novella’s in Follow Your Star Home. Also next week, watch for my holiday newsletter which will include a gift, a new novella just for newsletter subscribers. If you have not yet signed up, do so this week!

Meanwhile I’m working on three stories at once. But first, more coffee!

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