Befuddled morning

Monday winked open foggy and dark here, and I’m feeling about the same, facing a week with much to do

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I got about that far and went blank. Then I tried to log in here to post and ran into a wall. I just spent the morning trying to reset my password, a task greatly complicated by the difference between hosted and independent WordPress accounts, .org vs. .com. Confused? I am too periodcially since I have both. This is one kind and HistoryImagined is the other. SIGH.

This does not bode well for a busy week running in many directions. I mean that literally. I have an eye appointment downtown, beloved has a routine med appointment, also downtown. Hair needs cut, pies need baked, turkey needs thawed, and thank goodness Number One Daughter is actually cooking dinner. (But I still have Turkey to thaw. It’s complicated).

12494871_10153815117630833_7541444861224313708_n-225x300 Author's Blog I’m reading beta copies of stories for the Bluestocking Belles Valentine’s Day collection, and let me tell you they are wonderful. We are behind however, and it will take a push to get it actually out the door.

Stories to read, blogs to post, business papers to review, Church projects to complete, novels to write…but first, coffee.


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