Cloud_front_and_sunshine_currambine-300x225 Author's Blog Yes, I mean Good Day Sunshine. The Beatles had it right.

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I’ve got something I can laugh about,
I feel good,.

I know this because the opposite is true, and last week we had five days of dark, dreary rain. UGH. I went into a funk. I cannot write in a funk. This is not a good thing.It is way too early to go into season affective depression. I’m going to have to drag out my natural light device.

Luckily, Saturday was partly sunny and Sunday was glorious. I walked two miles in the bright yellow stuff and feel much better.  I turned in the beta draft of my Valentine anthology story. I love my hero in that one, Sergeant Douglas Marsh. Yes you heard right, sergeant! A good loyal Englishman now finding his way after seventeen years of service with a leg that no longer works as it ought and a pile of bad memories. He’s doing what he can for former soldiers who aren’t as lucky as he is.

I managed one other small thing. I finished a trailer for The Reluctant Wife. You can find it here:

Another good thing happened over the weekend. I envisioned an opening scene for my next novel, The Price of Glory. It involves an unsavory part of Cairo, a search for looted antiquities, and a woman who can take care of herself—and those who need her healing skills—very well, thank you. I expect to make a bit of progress this week.

But first, coffee.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. So glad u have your lite box & that the sun shines occasionally during these months ahead til Spring arrives once again! All needed for U to create your fascinating characters/ plots/stories!
    Looking forward to reading more of your creations!
    But definitely “coffee first”!

    Happy Thanksgiving ??

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