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Rain_droplets-300x225 Author's Blog But First Coffee It’s a rainy Monday here in the urban wilds of eastern Pennsylvania, and I’m having a bit of a let down after a delightful weekend. How was it delightful? Over one hundred and sixty folks came to help the Bluestocking Belles celebrate the launch of Follow Your Star Home, our newest holiday anthology: eight stories about prodigals returning and holiday celebrations set between the ninth and the early twentieth centuries and in locations from Turkmenistan via England, France, Scotland, Wales, and Canada to San Francisco in 600 action packed pages. We loved writing them; each is a little gem. My own, “The Last Post,” takes place in 1919 and is a sequel to last year’s “Roses in Picardy,” bringing Harry and Rosemarie to their happily ever after.

Here’s the book trailer. Or read about each of the stories here.

PyleFarm-300x248 Author's Blog But First Coffee

Pyle’s Farm by N.C. Wyeth

Did I mention delightful weekend? There’s more. Two friends were here for the entire week. We walked the lovely Morris Arboretum and climbed Mount Tammany in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. We spent Saturday at the Brandywine River Museum wallowing in Andrew Wyeth, Howard Plyle and a raft of regional artists, not to mention old N.C. Wyeth. The building itself is a joy and we had a wonderful lunch in a café overlooking the Brandywine.

All and all, today is a bit of a let down. Monday Blues indeed. I am avoiding looking at that dreaded to-do list that I ignored all week. I’ll have to add entries for the prizes I offered at the party—identify winners and send the prizes. I know I need to get busy on that next book. Richard Mallet and the Pharoah’s secrets… No, not quite! I’m working on it. Did you notice my background research about women medical practitioners in Egypt? It was on History Imagined Last Friday. I should make progress this week. But first, coffee.

12494871_10153815117630833_7541444861224313708_n Author's Blog But First Coffee

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