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McTaggart_Through_Wind_and_Rain-300x178 Author's Blog But First Coffee It was super windy on Saturday, a gift from Hurricane Willa as it swept back out to sea and turned into a nor’easter blowing across the Jersey shore.  Tradition shows the Holy Spirit as a might wind, blowing wherever He chooses.  Inspiration is like that. I’m looking out at the trees bending in my yard and thinking that my creative energy works the same way.

I’ve created four vignettes so far about the characters in my next series, little snippets of fiction in which they are in their teens. It is my way of getting to know them well. I’m still not entirely clear about their wounds, their goals, their desires, the things that drive them, but those things are gradually coming as the wind blows free. Scenes have begun to pop into my head, bits of sparks and feeling. I know the ending of one and the major turning point of another. As those things drop into my head, I’m almost ready to sit down and write. Almost.

IMG_0370-300x225 Author's Blog But First Coffee I already posted my History Imagined piece for Friday. It will go live Friday morning. Writing it brought my characters closer. The heroine is French, and a hakima, a medical practitioner for women in Cairo. Cairo? Check my Facebook page Friday for the link. If you want to know more about the heroine, you need to be one of my Fellow Travelers.

This week, I have company, two old friends. I plan to enjoy them whether we’re just resting here or, as we plan, allowing the Delaware Water Gap to fill us with awe. I’ll keep my notebook close because the wind will no doubt continue to blow in ideas. But first? Coffee!

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